The wood frame house is a two and one-half story American Foursquare design built in 1917, but has not been owned by the Clinton family for the past 30 years. The house is now owned by the non-profit Foundation.

For his first four years, Bill Clinton lived with his maternal grandparents, Eldridge and Edith Grisham Cassidy, at 117 South Hervey in Hope. It was in this house that Bill spent his formative years, learning to walk, talk, laugh, play, read, and pray.
The Clinton Oval Office carpet was designed by Kaki Hockersmith and woven by The Scott Group. President Clinton felt strongly that the redecorated Oval Office should reflect the cultural strength and diversity of our nation.

The deep blue rug is emblazoned with a full-color Presidential Seal encircled by fifty white stars. The American eagle holds an olive branch, signifying peace, in its right hand. A golden, double rope band, signifying domestic and international unity, frames the seal and the border of the rug. Laurel wreaths, symbolizing victory, and olive branches symbolizing peace, also adorn the rug’s border along with acanthus leaves. The thirteen yarn colors of the magnificent rug symbolize the original thirteen colonies of this nation.